Arnaldo Spalvieri was born in Senigallia (Italy) on March, 23,
1961. He received his degree in electronic enigineering from the
University of Ancona (Italy) in 1985. From 1986 to 1992 he was in
the modem lab. of Telettra (now Alcatel-Lucent), working at the
design of modems for high capacity digital radio systems. From
1992 to 1998 he was with the Dipartimento di Elettronica e
Informazione at Politecnico di Milano as an assistant professor,
and from 1998 he was appointed associate professor. His major
research activity is in the field of digital transmission for telecommunications, focusing
channel coding, channel equalization, synchronization. He has also
been active in the area of neural networks for pattern
recognition. In the past years he has held courses in the area of
digital communications, such as Signals and Systems and
Communication Systems. Now he holds the course Digital
Communication at Politecnico di Milano. He his co-author of about 50 review papers, 50 conference papers, and several national and
international patents. From 1992 he has been a consultant of the
industry, including Alcatel-Lucent, STMicroelectronics, Andrew,
Carlo Gavazzi Space. In 2006 he co-founded the company Binary
Core, a spinoff of Politecnico di Milano active in the area of
design on FPGA of mo-demodulators for point-to-point terrestrial
radio and for digital video broadcasting.